September 27, 2014

God Is My Help

Where I store and launch my board from, there is a sensor at the end of the building that, when someone floats by it on their board, a bell goes off inside the SUP shop. This alerts the workers inside that someone is coming in from a paddle and will need help getting their board out of the water and into its designated storage spot. I can get my board out of the water by myself, but trying to get it back in its storage spot is a little tough for me. Not because the board is heavy, but just because it's too long (12'6") for me to handle by myself without it being awkward and without possibly hitting other boards that are stored so close together.

Sometimes in my life, there are things going on that are just too much for me to handle by myself. If I try to handle it all by myself, I end up "dropping the ball" on things or "just hitting a wall." I am so fortunate that my Heavenly Father knows when I need help and alerts the right people to step in and be of assistance. Just like I can't hear when the bell goes off inside the SUP shop as I'm paddling in, I can't hear or know when God is getting ready to send help. I just have to trust that He has heard my cry for help or knows my need for help even before I do.

This isn't always easy though because I often have a hard time asking others for help. But I'm never ashamed or hesitant to ask God for help. I just have to remember to be open to and accepting of the help He sends me through other people.

Psalm 54:4 Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.