November 26, 2014


The holidays are starting and it's a busy time for everyone. Today, I was able to find a small window of time in my schedule to go out for a Thanksgiving Eve paddle before the clouds started rolling in for the expected rain. So I bundled up in neoprene and headed out. I didn't really get to go out on the river since the current was way too strong. So I just spent some time paddling around the harbor and reflecting on all I am thankful for.

I am thankful that I am healthy and able-bodied enough to be able to paddle on a regular basis. I am thankful for the old friends I've been able to share this hobby with and for the new friends I've made while doing so. I am thankful for God's beauty every time I see a blue heron flying by, a fish jumping out of the water, or a turtle sunning itself on a log. I am thankful for God's protection by keeping me safe out on the water each time I go out. I am thankful for the means to be able to really get into this sport. I am thankful that I have a schedule flexible enough for me to fit this activity into it. I am thankful for the joy and peace I get from being on the water in such a fun and unique way.