February 11, 2015

Is There Such A Thing As Over-Spiritualization?

It's February and I've been watching the weather for a good day to be able to go out and paddle. Today was one that I just knew would have perfect conditions for this time of year. What are perfect paddling conditions for this time of year? Sunny skies, low wind, decent current speed, and anything over 48 degrees. When I saw that the forecast was going to meet all those criteria, I planned my work schedule around this afternoon so I could get on the water.

The day was beautiful! I knew I had to take advantage of it because meteorologists are calling for snow flurries tomorrow morning (#Nashvilleweather). But not only was the weather nice, I also got to enjoy a nice conversation with a fellow paddler on spirituality, God's love, and living a Christ-like life. It was 7 miles of fresh air, good exercise, and food for the soul.

Some readers of this blog may think I over-spiritualize my experiences in stand up paddle boarding. However, I don't think it's possible to over-spiritualize anything because we are constantly surrounded by spirits (both good and bad) even if we can't see them. God is omnipresent and in charge of the spirits. There is spiritual warfare going on constantly for which we have to be mentally prepared. And there is a reason and a purpose behind everything, even when it's not clear to us what it is.