October 2, 2014

Jumping Fish


The most fascinating thing (at least to me) happened while paddling this evening. Once the sun reached a certain point in the sky while setting, fish started jumping our of the water. I don't mean the occasional few jumping out of the water like I normally see on the river. I mean so many jumping out that it looked like it was raining fish all around me. It was pretty cool.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm not getting the results of the efforts I've been putting into my business. In fact I feel a bit like Peter and his fellow fishermen when they went out to the Sea of Galilee and caught nothing (John 21). But then Jesus told them to let down their nets one more time and this time the nets were overflowing with fish jumping into them. It was at this time Jesus started to change Peter's occupation from fisherman to evangelist. I can't help but sense Jesus is about to show me a significant change in my business or even my career. We'll see!

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